Why Healthy Teeth Are So Important

Why Healthy Teeth Are So Important

Why Healthy Teeth Are So Important

February 1st, 2019

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  • Brush your teeth together, taking turns brushing each others teeth
  • Use toothbrush featuring a familiar cartoon character
  • Sing the theme song from your child's favorite cartoon or a nursery rhyme, while you brush their teeth
  • Use toothpaste and mouth rinse that have pleasant flavors for sensitive taste buds
  • Use syllables like “ahhhh” or “eeeeeee” to help your child open their mouth or move their lips away from their teeth while brushing.

When you teach a child something new at a young age, he will learn the task and continue it well into adulthood. Brushing and flossing has never been more important. Bring your child in to see their dentist as early as the first signs of teeth. Children, depending on their oral hygiene, should have dental appointments once every six months to one year.

Hey parents, help your kids learn about dental health.

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