What Causes Bad Breath?

What Causes Bad Breath?

What Causes Bad Breath?

August 1st, 2019

Bad breath on its own can be relatively simple to treat. See your dentist at least twice a year for an exam and professional cleaning, and brush twice a day (including your tongue) for at least two minutes. Flossing daily removes food particles between the teeth and helps keep periodontal pockets tight against the tooth. If you wear dentures, be sure to clean them regularly to remove food debris.

Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep your oral tissues wet. If you are prone to allergies or sinus infections a saline nasal rinse can flush trapped mucus, helping you breathe easier and reduce buildup. Mouth rinses, mints, sugarless gum, and hard candies help stimulate saliva flow, which keeps your mouth moist and washes away odor-causing food particles.

Quitting smoking and other tobacco products will not only give you better breath but will also improve your overall quality of life and help prevent heart disease, cancer, and other potentially deadly conditions.

If you’ve taken all the above precautions and still notice persistent bad breath, make an appointment to see your dentist or physician. You may have tooth decay, the start of periodontal disease, or something more severe. In some cases bad breath can be a sign of an underlying condition like liver or kidney disease or diabetes. Together, you and your doctor can find the cause and work to make your breath fresh again.

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