The Unforgettable Journey

The Unforgettable Journey

The Unforgettable Journey

May 2nd, 2018

Neon colored retainers

Straight teeth look terrific and are easier to keep clean, but that doesn’t mean orthodontics is necessary for every child. It’s also not surprising to find there may be more than one way to reach the desired goal. In addition, parents mull over real concerns about time, cost, and the effect of braces on other activities. But if treatment appears likely, determining an age that’s unique to each child helps create a perfect smile, normal function, and a comfortable jaw. In some cases, coordinating care with trusted specialists forms another part of a good outcome.

Regular visits during childhood make it much easier to identify the best orthodontic steps at the right time. Whether it’s a short-term appliance, regular braces, or a clear aligner system, modern dentistry offers many ways to guide a growing smile to perfection!

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