Is Tooth Loss Inevitable?

Is Tooth Loss Inevitable?

Is Tooth Loss Inevitable?

April 25th, 2016

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Numerous public health measures deserve credit for the improvement in general dental health. Water fluoridation, the practice of sealing grooves in susceptible molars, and educational programs have increased dental health in many populations. But the greatest benefits result when individuals place a high priority on their well-being. Establishing daily oral hygiene habits and maintaining a consistent routine with a dental team produce winning results that few other measures match.

We've partnered with many motivated patients who want to keep their teeth through every stage of life. Short and long-term care plans customized for individuals consider many critical factors, from saliva volume to systemic health influences. Often just one simple modification to your daily routine tips the balance for dental health. It might be the use of xylitol, chlorhexidine, or remineralizing products that make a dramatic difference. Or maybe the application of protective varnishes along with slightly altered recall schedules with your hygienist keep bacterial infections from wreaking havoc. In high-risk patients, an easy switch from regular toothpaste to a prescription version may stop destructive decay in its tracks.

At our practice, the most meaningful rewards come from helping patients maintain their teeth for a lifetime. Public health measures will always be essential in this effort. But individualized, focused efforts make all the difference. A personalized strategy for dental wellness can be created with ongoing monitoring and coaching by our team. We all experience challenges that come with aging. But teeth can be retained with the right strategy, supporting quality of life at every age!

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