Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

October 13th, 2020

Children don't usually develop the dexterity to brush without help until they are about seven years old or can tie their shoelaces unaided. Even then, experts recommend adults help children brush their teeth or at least monitor their brushing habits to avoid cavities. An electric toothbrush helps kids feel a little independence while brushing. There are many different electric models for children on the market today. Some have bright, flashing lights, and others play songs for the recommended two-minute brushing time.

Deeper Clean for Orthodontic Patients

Patients who have traditional braces can greatly improve their homecare by using an electric toothbrush. They can clean more thoroughly, and the oscillating or vibrating brush head means bristles can get into smaller spaces more easily than a manual toothbrush. Just make sure the bristles are soft, and the brush head is small so it can get into the spaces between the brackets and teeth.

While everyone can benefit from an electric toothbrush, they are not a replacement for professional cleanings or an excuse to skimp on your homecare routine. An electric toothbrush can help boost your at-home care and help compensate for coordination problems due to age and medical issues. However, you should still consider asking for help if brushing and holding a toothbrush is difficult. 

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